New Nobility Band

New Nobility Band, Internationally known Australian rock band was formed in 2005 by Sead Trnka (who plays bass guitar), the three-member band is originally from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but relocated to Sydney in 2008. The other two members are Josh Maekowsky (vocals and guitar) and Zoran Krga (keyboard). Their sound is rather eclectic, ranging from metal rock to catchy dance-pop to sweeping ballads with a message of hope and peace. Whatever type of music they’re playing, one thing’s for certain: it’s always exhilarating, with shredded guitars, strong percussion and dynamic, soaring vocals.

They use their music to promote peace and social justice in the world. They are the winners of several International Peace Prizes. Their song “Make Better World” won Song of the Year award a few years ago.

One of the band’s earliest hit songs is the high-energy metal-rock anthem “Galactic Love.” The song’s video begins with the lighting of a match, perfect imagery to convey the way the song ignites into an inferno of thunderous scratchy guitars and pulse-pounding drums. Maekowsky’s assertive vocals on this and their other hard rock songs remind me a bit of Rise Against lead singer Tim McIlrath. All in all, a thoroughly satisfying track.

The band’s lighter side shows up in the infectious dance-pop tune “Paradise.” The song opens with plucky guitar and a catchy hook that quickly grab hold and take you on a fun ride. Maekowsky’s vocals alternately smolder and soar to falsetto heights as he sings with abandon, making for a really exciting number that will have you dancing around the room.

A recent track, the lovely anthemic ballad “Fly Over (United We Are),” is an emotional plea for peace, love and world harmony. The piano takes the starring role here, accompanied by some fine guitar and Maekowsky’s impassioned vocals. At nearly seven minutes, the song is a long one, gradually building to a climax, with Maekowsky singing in his native language.

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