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Stephan Subero

Since 2000, Stephan Subero has been building a reputation as a true visionary in the...

Felix Cavaliere

FELIX CAVALIERE super famous Hall of Fame musician (born November 29, 1944) is an American...

Emmanuel Jal

Musician, Activist & Former Child Soldier Emmanuel Jal was born into the life of a...

Diane Rose Kelly

Diane Rose is an inspirational singer/songwriter whose work is about creating harmony among people and...

Anna Reker

Famous soprano from the Ukraine joins the well-known Andre Lieu orchestra and Russian musicians in...

Angelique Kidjo

Born in Quidah, Benin; daughter of a musician father and a theater director/choreographer mother; married...

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Music: A Universal Force to Create a Better World

NASA’s Sonification Project

A new project using sonification turns astronomical images from NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory and other telescopes into sound. This allows users to “listen” to the center of the Milky Way as observed in X-ray, optical, and infrared light. As the cursor moves across the image, sounds represent the position and brightness of the sources.

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