Global Peace Rhythms is a project that wishes to foster peace, unity, and understanding among all people on Earth. Music is the universal language of mankind and has always had the power of bringing people together across cultures and countries.

We will feature music and artists from all over the planet who are using their talents for positive social change and are inspiring other people to create a better world wherever they are.

Among our activities will be the production of a globally distributed video series interviewing artists from many different countries highlighting both their music and the world issues important to the artists. This series is meant to be both entertaining and informative.

Global Peace Rhythms invites everyone to join our efforts in creating goodwill and harmony among all people. Your participation as an artist, volunteer or contributor is very much appreciated.

Global Peace Rhythms is a project of Global Peace Media, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non-profit organization. It’s the creation of Azarra Anna, founder and director of Global Peace Media.


Azarra Anna, Primary Founder and Executive Director


Global Vision TV and Radio Productions
San Francisco, CA

Founder and executive producer of a long running documentary series covering multicultural and global issues. Global Vision highlights works of producers from around the world, combining interviews, discussions, events coverage and live performances. Over 400 programs produced. Shows run weekly throughout the San Francisco Bay Area; national coverage reached through global network and National Public Radio; international coverage offered on Radio for Peace International.

New Arts Productions, San Francisco, CA

Co-director and producer for a film and music production company. Completed 7 short films on visionary themes. Films shown to independent film audiences at festivals throughout the US.

Spirit Flight Media, San Francisco, CA

Co-producer for a music and publishing company. Completed two albums of new acoustic music, which received wide distribution by Capital Records and gained extensive play on national radio.

All About You television program, Los Angeles, CA

Co-producer and co-anchor of television show presenting people working for social justice. The 25 segments produced featured inspirational community leaders whose work encouraged others to take personal action in creating improved community living. Reached a large viewing audience in the greater Los Angeles area.

New Thinking Project, Los Angeles, CA

Associate director and guest speaker for an on-going series of seminars and workshops on wholistic thinking and human development. Held weekly, the seminars educated audiences on skills development for achieving balance between work and private life.

Artists’ Alliance, Los Angeles, CA

Assistant Producer of a production company organizing major concert events for social justice groups such as Greenpeace, The Hunger Project, and Alliance for Survival. Concerts featured major entertainers; performances reached hundreds of thousands of attendees at major halls such as the Hollywood Bowl, the Rose Bowl. Proceeds awarded to socially conscious grass roots organizations. KPFA Radio, Los Angeles, CA 1980 ­ 1981.

Free-lance reporter and volunteer. Produced radio segments covering a wide range of political and sociall issues, featuring community leaders working toward neighborhood improvement. 39 segments produced, reaching a large Los Angeles area listening audience.

WBAI Radio, New York, NY

Free-lance reporter and volunteer. Produced shows covering women’s issues, environmental concerns, and arts & culture. 32 segments produced, airing to the New York metropolitan area listening audience.


  • Producers Consortium
  • Women In Media
  • San Francisco Community Television Corporation
  • Film Arts Foundation
  • Bay Area Video Coalition
  • Creative Resources Guild
  • Progressive Media Makers
  • Global Network
  • Western Public Radio
  • United Nations World Goodwill
  • Peacemakers Television
  • Quest Communications
  • The Volunteer Center
  • Mujeres Unidas